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What is an arrhythmia? An arrhythmia is an abnormal rhythm of the heart, which can cause the heart to pump less effectively. It most often occurs in adults but can also occur in children. Some...

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What is cardiomyopathy? Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle characterized by an abnormally large, thick or stiff heart muscle. It may affect only the heart’s lower chambers (ventricles) or...

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Ebstein's anomaly

What is Ebstein’s anomaly? Ebstein’s anomaly is a rare heart defect that affects the tricuspid valve. Ebstein’s anomaly has a wide range of severity — from mild to severe. About one in 10,000 babies...

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Electrocardiogram EKG

An electrocardiogram is a test that measures the electrical activity of your child’s heart. An electrocardiogram (which is also called and EKG or ECG) is one of the simplest and fastest procedures...

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Exercise EKG testing

Exercise EKG testing is a diagnostic test that doctors use to see how your child’s heart reacts to stress or exercise. How Boston Children’s Hospital approaches exercise EKG testing Boston Children’s...

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Holter and Event Monitors

Holter and event monitors are painless devices used to record your child’s ECG over the course of at least 24 hours. Both tests are typically performed at home. Boston Children’s Hospital performs...

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Syncope is the medical term for fainting. It’s a temporary loss of consciousness and muscle tone that occurs when not enough blood goes to the brain. Fainting affects people of all ages. More than 100...

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Long QT Syndrome

What is long QT syndrome? Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) is an inherited condition that affects the heart’s electrical rhythm and can cause fast, erratic heartbeats. It is named for the prolonged QT interval...

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