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Baby Everly & FamilyBaby Everly Blossoms
Baby Everly, born weighing a fragile 4 pounds 2 ounces, was diagnosed with the rare birth defect called long gap esophageal atresia (EA)—a condition where part of her esophagus, the tube connecting her mouth to her stomach, was missing.

“We just want to thank Boston Children’s Hospital and Rusty and the EA team, because of what they could do, Everly is living the life she deserves.”

WilliamJr-Prom1Life after ulcerative colitis
When William Tulip was 10 years old, he was excited to leave on a weeklong school trip, but his body had different plans. On day two of his adventure, he got violently ill and had to return home early.



Gianna DeCarlo1Could gastroschisis be treated in utero?
Except when spreading awareness about her condition, 6-year-old Gianna DeCarlo prefers not to wear two-piece bathing suits because of the long vertical scar on her stomach. “Even though nobody’s said anything, she feels like she’ll be made fun of,” says her mother, Danielle.


RyanPage- DrJennings and FokerMeet Ryan: The boy who grew his own esophagus
When Ryan was born, few would have predicted he would be able tolerate these foods or master the trombone. “His doctors told us he had the longest gap they had ever seen in a baby with esophageal atresia,” recalls his mother Tracy. Ryan was born with a nearly 4-inch gap between the top and bottom parts of his esophagus.

“My husband reminded me we had made a commitment to this treatment.
Then Dr. Jennings arrived, and I felt better. We had so much faith in him.”