Department of Ophthalmology | Experienced Physicians

Patients with a visual impairment who come to the Ophthalmology Department's Eye Center can rest assured that they are going to see an eye doctor who is knowledgeable in the latest diagnostic and treatment techniques used in the care of that particular condition.

The Ophthalmology Department's medical team includes clinicians and researchers who work closely together to come up with creative solutions and ensure that the latest scientific developments are put into everyday practice to benefit your child. Our full time pediatric ophthalmologists, some of whom have 30 or more years of experience handling children with complex eye conditions, are recognized leaders in their respective interests. In addition, our team includes experienced pediatric optometrists who specialize in providing a full range of vision services for patients with refractive error, contact lens needs, and low vision.

The Department of Ophthalmology's eye specialists:

  • Perform many hundreds of eye surgeries every year.
  • Correct strabismus in children and adults who come here after attempts at fixing the problem have failed elsewhere.
  • Have pioneered delicate surgical techniques for the correction of strabismus in children and adults.
  • Perform the latest procedures for the correction or improvement of nystagmus (unsteady eyes).
  • Have pioneered endoscopic surgical techniques to unclog blocked tear ducts.
  • Perform cutting edge cataract surgery in children that includes intraocular lens insertion in many cases.
  • Perform precise laser surgery to treat retinopathy of prematurity and "after-cataracts" in children.
  • Have extensive experience evaluating visual function in children with multiple disabilities.
  • Participate in numerous research projects sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.
  • Participate in the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigators Group, a national coalition performing multicenter clinical trials.
  • Serve as a national and international resource on retinal disorders for physicians and parents.
  • Collaborate with leading pediatric experts in other specialties at Boston Children's Hospital when multidisciplinary care is needed.
  • Are part of multidisciplinary subspecialty teams, including the hospital's world renowned Craniofacial Anomalies program, Vascular Anomalies Clinic, the Neurofibromatosis program, and the Rheumatology program.
  • Offer comprehensive services to children and adults with eye problems related to thyroid disease.
  • Collaborate with internationally renowned experts in pediatric ophthalmology ; perform clinical and basic research studies.