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emily-thriving-acl-tear A dream deferred but not denied by ACL Tear
May 10, 2017
Just three games into club season, Emily was on the field in North Carolina, running back to her net when she tore her left anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). She heard her knee pop, and knew immediately what had happened. Read more...

Brian Burke - Catcher's KneePlay ball: Back on the field after catcher’s knee
September 19, 2016
Brian, an enthusiastic college baseball player, battled knee pain for years during high school. After two surgeries and physical therapy for a form of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) described as catcher's knee, Brian is back in the game and doing what he loves. Read more...

Ashley Meyer meniscus transplant at Boston Children's HospitalFirst-of-its-kind knee surgery gets Ashley in the swing
August 25, 2016
Ashley, 16, suffered debilitating knee pain and early arthritis that puzzled orthopedic surgeons. See how the first pediatric meniscus transplant helped.Read more...


5 tip for sports recovery from Boston Children's Hospital's Sports Medicine DivisionIntense sports season? 5 tips for recovery
May 3, 2016
Like many high-performing athletes, Taylor likes to push herself. But athletes who push themselves too hard may be more prone to injury. Learn how to recover smart after an intense sports season. Read more...

Corey Peak - bridge-enhanced ACL repair (BEAR)ACL repair: What it’s like to be first to have a new surgery
March 23, 2016
After Corey Peak tore his ACL in February 2015, he explored all of his treatment options. Corey was excited to learn about bridge-enhanced (TM) ACL repair, a new technique that encourages the ACL heal without a tendon graft and became the first person to have the surgery. Learn why and see what Corey is up to today. Read more...

Amelia A fine balance: Dance health at every age
February 24, 2016
Read about Amelia, an aspiring ballerina who has teamed up w/ dance medicine experts to stay healthy and find balance through dance training and rehearsing. Read more...

Hope and Lyle"We never thought we'd run again."
December 21, 2015
Neither Hope, a competitive squash superstar, nor her daughter Lyle, a budding athlete, thought they would run again. Hope faced plantar fasciitis, and Lyle battled two herniated disks. Learn how Boston Children's doctors got this pair back on their feet and running.Read more...

After competitive dreams end, gymnast finds a new beginning
November 4, 2015
Read about Colby, a gymnast with chronic knee pain. He dreamed of competing at Nationals. But his chronic knee pain followed by a broken wrist dashed his dreams. Colby battled back and found new athletic passions — diving and rock climbing. Read more...

For a yogi, holistic medicine and surgery go hand in hand
October 22, 2015
After years of suffering form lower back and hip pain, Boston-area yogi David Vendetti was diagnosed with bilateral hip impingement and labral tearing. Dr. Mininder Kocher performed two hip surgeries on David, who is recovering well and hoping to be back on the yoga mat in November. Read more...

Brewing a great doctor-patient relationship
June 26, 2015
Brooke, a 20-year-old Northeastern University student from Miami with chronic health issues, loves Starbucks. So does her doctor, Kate Ackerman from Boston Children’s Hospital’s Female Athlete Program. Through their shared love of lattes, Brooke has learned to navigate the health system. Read about how Brooke conquered compartment syndrome. Read more...

From torn labrum to Harvard hockey MVP
April 16, 2015
After a high-tech surgery and a four-month rehabilitation for a labral tear and FAI, Harvard women’s ice hockey star Sarah Edney has career-best season. Read how Boston Children's orthopedics team helped. Read more...

Five strategies to keep your athlete engaged and positive after ACL surgery
March 24, 2015
Learn how to support athletes during the ACL recovery process from a Boston Children’s expert. Read more...

Nearly 40 years after milestone ACL reconstruction surgery, Puck skis like a kid
February 19, 2015
“I’ve skied 1.7 million vertical feet in the last five years,” says 36-year-old Philip ‘Puck’ Wheaton. It’s an awful lot of skiing, especially for a guy who was born without an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)—the critical ligament that holds the knee together. Read more...

After ACL tear and visit from Tom Brady, Caleb offers ACL injury prevention advice
January 30, 2015
An 11-year-old football player whose successfully recovered from an ACL tear offers some helpful injury prevention advice. Read more...

The secret to a successful ACL injury recovery
October 23, 2014
A simple jump step brought Andrea Marx's three-sport athletic career to a screeching halt -- with a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). In this blog, she shares her secrets to a successful #ACL injury recovery. Read more...

Kristina SimonsonBuddy system for hip dysplasia patients
October 16, 2014

When Babson College soccer player Kristina Simonson was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and required two major surgeries (called periacetabular osteotomy or PAO), she turned to Boston Children’s Hospital’s Child and Young Adult Hip Preservation Program. Read more...

Sasha and Lise RamsayKeeping Twin Dancers on Their Toes
June 3, 2014

Eighteen-year-old twins Sasha and Lise Ramsay are like two peas in a pod. They started dancing at 3, fell in love with ballet by age 6 and will both enter the ballet program at Brigham Young University in the fall. Read more...

Olympic skier Julia Marino overcomes an ACL injury
December 4, 2013

Julia Marino thrives at high speed and great heights. In 2009, she was at the top of her game. Coaches and slopestyle skiers had pegged her as a rising star on the World Cup circuit. Then she crashed. Read more...

Laura DuffThe race against the female athlete triad
May 13, 2013
Cross-country runner Laura Duff describes her battle with female athlete triad, a disorder characterized by inadequate calorie intake that can impact menstrual cycles and bone health. Read more...

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