Division of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging Overview

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Being able to see what’s going on in your child’s heart is incredibly useful for doctors. If your child might have or is diagnosed with heart disease, imaging provides them with evidence to make an accurate diagnosis and helps them reach decisions about the best course of treatment.

At Boston Children’s Hospital, has long been a world leader in advanced cardiac imaging of congenital and acquired pediatric heart disease. We are committed to:

  • providing the highest quality clinical care to our patient 
  • training the next generation of experts in noninvasive cardiac imaging
  • pursuing innovations and discoveries that will lead to more accurate, less invasive, and less costly diagnosis

Tal Geva, MD, Cardiologist-in-Chief of Boston Children's Hospital.

Our Division of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging is able to provide incredibly detailed pictures of your child’s heart that allow cardiologists and cardiac surgeons to best map out treatment strategies.

In the past, surgeons needed to rely on x-rays to sketch out approaches to fixing a heart defect, but thanks to advances in cardiovascular MRI and echocardiography, our specialists can use intricately detailed images to plan and execute surgeries down to the smallest details.

The Division of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging is headed by Tal Geva, MD and is among the largest, most advanced programs in the country staffed by 20 radiologists and cardiologists who are specifically trained in pediatric cardiac imaging.


  • We perform about 20,000 echocardiograms each year, including transthoracic, transesphageal, stress and fetal echocardiograms, utilizing the latest cardiac ultrasound techniques.

Cardiovascular MRIs

  • The cardiovascular MRI laboratory performs about 1,000 examinations each year using a dedicated state-of-the-art 1.5 Telsa scanner.


Imaging children poses challenges that adult imaging does not. It can be hard for kids to hold still for an echocardiogram or they may be afraid to get an MRI. Adult-centered practices may not have the necessary tools to fully meet the needs of pediatric patients. As one the country's largest and most advanced programs in the country, the DivisioHTMLn of Non-Invasive Cardiac Imaging is uniquely equipped to meet the imaging needs of children.

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