Division of Gynecology Insurance Info


InsuranceCopayments, deductibles, and any coinsurance are due at the time of your visit per insurance company policies. A copayment is required for each scheduled appointment. Please check your insurance card for amount due. We accept personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


A referral is a form and/or code number from your child's primary care physician or insurance company and is required for office visits with most HMO insurance plans. Referrals can vary in the number of visits they cover, the length of time that visits can be used and the services covered.

If your insurance company requires referrals, you will need to obtain them. Please note that referrals do not guarantee coverage, so please check directly with your insurance carrier.

Waiver fee

If you do not have a valid referral from your primary care provider (PCP), Children's policy requires a guarantor to sign a waiver assuming all responsibility for payment of the visit.

Insurance card

Please remember to bring your child's insurance card to the office for each visit so we can verify that we have the correct information. If you change insurance companies or if your policy number has changed, please notify the office immediately so we can update our records.

Uninsured/non-covered services

Uninsured patients or services not covered by insurance companies may be eligible for a 40 percent discount due at the time of check-in. Please contact our financial coordinator to discuss this option at 617-355-2536.

Additionally, if you are uninsured or have a limited income, you can contact our Financial Counseling team at 617-355-7201.