Division of General Pediatrics Meet our Team

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Mark Schuster, MD, PhD – Division Chief

Vincent W. Chiang, MD – Associate Chief

Joanne Cox, MD – Associate Chief

Faculty members in the Division of Pediatrics are categorized below by last name. Click the "show more" buttons to view the full lists.



Abujaber, Nadeen

Allende, Sophie

Antkowiak, Lara

Antonelli, Richard

Bergner, Kim

Bernstein, Aaron

Berry, Jay

Bier, Jo-Ann

Bishay, Lara

Bogart, Laura

Borgmann, Andrea

Borten, Morris

Bottino, Clement

Bourgeois, Fabienne

Bulotsky, Alan

Butler, Lisa

Cardello, Gregory

Carpenter, Christopher

Cheng, Jennifer

Chiang, Vincent

Chien, Alyna

Chiu, Kelly

Conroy, Kathleen

Cox, Joanne




Daigneault, Alison

Davidson, Emily

Davis, Carmon

Epee-Bounya, Alexandra

Finkelstein, Jonathan

Galbraith, Alison

Glader, Laurie

Goldmann, Donald

Growdon, Amanda

Gruver, James

Hargreaves, Dougal

Harper, Beth

Hauer, Julie

Hazen, Melissa

Henry, Sarah

Hildebrandt, Sabine

Hobbs, Nedda

Holder, Faye

Hooli, Shubhada

Hron, Jonathan

Ianniello, Tanya

Isong, Inyang

Joseph, Luc

Landrigan, Christopher

Lloyd, Janet Scott

Luff, Donna




Magge, Hema

Mansbach, Jonathan

Maru, Duncan

Mauskar, Sangeeta

McBride, Sarah

McCarthy MD, Claire

McSweeney-Ryan, Sarah

Morin, Melinda

Nakamura, Mari

Nelson, Caleb

Nethersole, Shari

O'Brien, Jane (CCS)

O'Donnell, Katherine

O'Hare, Frances

Osganian, Stavroula

Palfrey, Judith

Pethe, Kalpana

Rosman, Samantha

Roth, Jessica

Russ, Christiana




Sawicki, Gregory

Schuster, Mark

Sectish, Theodore

Seetharaman, Sujatha

Sharma, Niraj

Simmons, Esau

Ste. Marie, Allison

Teasdale, Sarah

Toomey, Sara

Torchia, Mary

Trubilla, Susan

Vernacchio, Louis

Webster, Romi

Weissert, Joleen

White, Claire

Williams Levin, Kathleen

Wilson, Celeste

Wilson, Kim

Woolf, Alan

Wu, Ann

Zallen, Barry


The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO