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Neural Markers of ADHD Across Childhood

PI: Margaret Sheridan, PhD

Participants: Children ages 3-7, with a diagnosis of ADHD or attentional issues

This study aims to examine how neuroimaging can improve the diagnosis of ADHD in young children. Currently, 50% of children who are diagnosed with ADHD before age 7 will no longer have ADHD by the time they are 8. Because brain and behavior development progresses rapidly between the ages of 3-7, which means that behaviors can change dramatically as well, it may be that the symptom checklists often used to make a diagnosis are not the best tool for use in young children. Improving the accuracy of diagnosis would allow doctors to better determine which children need treatment and which do not. And, a better understanding of of what's happening at the level of the brain may help to determine which treatment options work best for each individual child. 

For a full study description, click here. To contact the research team, please e-mail or call 857-218-5228.

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