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The Division of Immunology has a large basic research laboratory engaged in the analysis of the causes and potential treatments of allergic and immunological disorders. In addition, we are engaged in a number of clinical research studies designed to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments in patients.

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The Asthma Clinical Research Center at Boston Children’s Hospital is studying whether by giving a large dose of Vitamin D (4,000 IU/day) to deficient children along with their daily inhalers(Flovent) can help reduce asthma symptoms in school aged kids (6-16 years old).

Eligibility for Participation

  • School aged kids who are between 6-16 years old
  • Diagnosis of Asthma for at least 1 year
  • An asthma exacerbation requiring corticosteroids (like prednisone or prelone) within the last 12 months.

Participation Details

The study consists of 3 parts, the first of which is a screening visit where a blood draw will be done to make sure the child’s Vitamin D and Calcium levels qualify to participate. If they qualify they enter the second part of the study which is called the run in period and it lasts 4 weeks. During this period we test the participant’s ability to take the study pill and daily controller as instructed by the study staff. If they meet the study specific standards during this period they enter into the 48 week (approx. 1yr) long treatment period where they will randomly be placed into a placebo (inactive medication) group or the active vitamin D group. During the duration of the study the study medication (vit D or placebo) and the daily asthma controller (Flovent) will be given out to participants free of charge. Participants will also be compensated for their time and travel up to $450 for the year.

Research Contact

Please fill out and submit the form on this page if you would like your child to be screened for participation, or contact us directly at 857-218-5336 asthma@childrens.harvard.edu, if you have any questions.