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The Pediatric Radiology Department at Boston Children’s Hospital combines individualized care, specialty expertise, and the most advanced technology for children, teens, and young adults to obtain the highest quality MRI images and provide the most accurate diagnoses.

Physicians order MRI studies  to diagnose diseases. The technology produces incredibly detailed pictures  organs, bones and tissues without using ionizing radiation (x-rays). Instead, it uses strong magnets, radiofrequency waves and powerful computers to generate 2- and 3-dimensional images of a given organ or body part.

Why Choose Us?

  • Individualized Care and Specialty Expertise: We use customized exam protocols for each patient based on age, size, symptoms, and disease process. Board-certified pediatric radiologists and neuroradiologists with subspecialty expertise in the disease or organ system being evaluated will review and interpret the MRI images. 
  • Advanced Technology: 3T MRI systems let us achieve faster scans and higher image resolution than the more commonly used 1.5T machines. We have MRI coils designed to fit nearly every body size and anatomic location. Motion-correction software customized for our patients by our specialized physicists and physicians compensates for pediatric patients who may have difficulty lying still.
  • Environment: Our imaginative décor and dedicated staff help make your child's experience as enjoyable as possible. Age-appropriate distraction techniques, including video goggles, music and lighting, are used to help ease anxiety and avoid sedation whenever possible.
  • Pediatric Sedation or Anesthesia: When required, sedation or anesthesia is administered and monitored by a dedicated and specialized team who put patient safety first.
  • Convenience: MRI services are available in Boston, Peabody and Waltham, with daytime evening and weekend appointments available.

Your Visit

If your child has been referred to us for an MRI, you will want to know what to expect when you come to the hospital or to one of our satellite locations. The links below should answer any questions you have.

What Happens During Your Visit for an MRI?

This slide show is designed to show you what it may be like when you come to the Radiology department at Boston Children's Hospital for an MRI.

What Happens During Your Visit for an MRI with Anesthesia?

This slide show is designed to show you what it may be like when you come to the Radiology department at Boston Children's Hospital for an MRI with anesthesia.

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