Department of Radiology | EOS X-Ray Imaging System

The EOS Imaging System is a diagnostic x-ray designed for spine and long leg indications.

The EOS captures:

• Front and side views of the entire spine simultaneously in just a few seconds or the entire lower extremity in one image.
• Imaging data that can be used to create a 3D model for surgical planning.

How should I prepare my child for an EOS scan?

There are no special preparation instructions for an EOS scan.

• Give your child a simple explanation why the x-ray is needed
• The patient must be able to stand alone for 10 seconds without moving.

EOS Imaging

What should I expect when I bring my child to the hospital?

When you arrive, please go to the Outpatient X-Ray check-in desk.

• An patient experience representative will check in your child and verify his or her registration information.
• Your child will be asked to change into a gown and remove any jewelry, eyeglasses, or other objects.
• The technologist will let you know whether your child will need to remove his or her brace, if applicable.

• Women should inform the technologist if there is a chance she could be pregnant.

What happens during the EOS scan?

A technologist will bring you and your child into the EOS room.

• The technologist will position your child within the EOS imaging system. Your child will be facing away from the entrance.
• You may be asked to don a lead apron and assist in supporting your child as they stand in the EOS.
• The equipment will make a loud noise before the x-ray is taken.
• The patient must stand completely still during the scan.
• Just like other x-ray exams, there is no pain associated with an EOS exam.


How do I learn the results?

The radiologist will provide a report to the doctor who ordered your child’s EOS exam.