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How can I schedule a psychiatry appointment for my child as an outpatient?


If you have not been seen in our outpatient clinic before, please review our New Patients page.

For patients being treated in our outpatient clinic, call 617-355-6680 (option 2) to schedule an appointment.


What should I tell my child before his or her initial psychiatry appointment?


Your child’s age and individual circumstances may determine which information (and the amount of information) you choose to share before the initial psychiatry appointment. Guidelines for a beneficial conversation might include:

  • explaining that the doctor you will be meeting is going to help find the best treatment so your child can feel better

  • letting your child know that it’s okay to talk about feelings (such as anger, sadness and frustration), concerns and fears with the doctor

  • visiting the Boston Children’s web site and taking a “virtual tour” of the hospital with your child

  • reassuring your child that you will be there throughout the appointment

  • encouraging your child to ask any questions that come to mind, both before and during the appointment


What should I bring to my child’s appointment?


When you make your initial appointment, a member of the Psychiatry Department staff will go over everything you’ll need on the day of your visit. A checklist of take-along items should include:

  • the name of the doctor you will be seeing

  • the name and floor of the Boston Children’s building you will be visiting (Outpatient Psychiatry is located in the Fegan Building on the 8th floor)

  • the name and telephone number of your child's physician

  • your child’s insurance card(s) and subscriber ID number

  • co-payment for your insurance, if applicable 

  • medical or personal records, such as school counselor reports, pertaining to your child’s condition

  • a list of your child's current medications

  • a list of questions you have for the doctor and staff (if appropriate for your child's situation and maturity, you may want to have him or her come up with questions too)

  • your child's and your Social Security numbers (for insurance purposes)

  • books, games, snacks or other necessities


Who is responsible for checking my mental health benefits?


While we do verify insurance benefits for our patients, it is the family’s responsibility to check with their insurance carrier regarding their outpatient mental health benefits including the co/payment or deductible amount, if applicable . Outpatient mental health benefits often differ from medical benefits, therefore check with your insurance carrier regarding your coverage prior to your appointment.You can reach the Outpatient Psychiatry billing coordinator at 617-355-6680 (option 3).


Do I need to get a referral or authorization for my child’s outpatient psychiatry appointment?


A referral from your child’s Primary Care Provider is not required for services rendered in the Outpatient Psychiatry Department. Insurance Authorizations when required, will be obtained by the administrative staff unless your Insurance carrier indicates otherwise. 


I received a bill for my child’s outpatient psychiatry appointment. Who should I contact with questions?


You can reach the Outpatient Psychiatry billing coordinator at 617-355-6680 (option 3).


What if I have to reschedule my child’s psychiatry appointment?


If you need to reschedule an appointment, please call the main Psychiatry Department number at 617-355-6680 (option 2). (Please give at least 24 hours’ advance notice whenever possible.)


My child’s illness can be overwhelming for me sometimes. Does Children’s offer a service that can help me find the information and additional support I may need?


Our Center for Families is dedicated to helping families find the information and resources they need to better understand their child’s medical condition and take part in their care. All patients, families and professionals are welcome to use the Center’s services at no extra cost. It’s open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please call 617-355-6279 for more information.


I think my child is having a psychiatric crisis requiring immediate care.  What should I do?


If you feel your child is at immediate risk of self-harm or of harming others, call 911 right away. If your child is not at immediate risk of harming anyone, but is still in urgent need of a psychiatric intervention, please call 617-355-6369 and ask for the psychiatric clinician on call.


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