Department of Psychiatry | Programs and Services

The Boston Children’s Hospital Department of Psychiatry treats diseases and disorders that affect the mental, emotional and social health of children and adolescents. Our strengths in scientific research and mental health advocacy help us deliver innovative, family-centered care.

In each of our specialty programs, we will develop a treatment plan that focuses on your child as an individual—not merely a patient. Starting with your first visit, you’ll meet compassionate professionals who are committed to delivering the highest standard of care for your child while supporting the needs of your entire family.

 For more information on the levels of psychiatric care, download this Family Education Sheet.

Inpatient care

Our Psychiatry Consultation Service:

  • provides mental health services for patients who have been admitted to Boston Children’s for medical conditions
  • works with patients and their family members to promote healthy coping skills
  • partners with a child’s medical team to educate patients and parents about the relationship between physical health and emotional well-being

Our Psychiatry Inpatient Service:

  • a 16-bed inpatient psychiatric unit for children and adolescents, ages 8 to 17
  • provides psychiatric assessment and treatment for patients who are in the midst of a psychiatric crisis
  • teaches children and their families important skills to help with coping and recovery after leaving the hospital
 Download the Inpatient Psychiatry Service Caregiver Guide for more information.
Our Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) program
  • a 12-bed intensive, short-term acute residential unit for children and adolescents
  • provides psychiatric treatment and stabilization that can act as a bridge between an inpatient hospitalization and home

Outpatient care

Our Outpatient Psychiatry Service:

  • Provides diagnostic assessments and treatment recommendations
  • Provides individual, group and family psychotherapy
  • When appropriate, prescribes—and helps patients and families manage—medications in conjunction with psychotherapy

Our Emergency Psychiatry Service:

  • provides psychiatric assessments for patients who have come to the Boston Children’s Division of Emergency Medicine
  • works with families to determine the next step in treatment

Our Neuropsychology Program:

  • performs neuropsychological assessments for children with brain and nervous system damage or dysfunction
  • develops a treatment plan that addresses the child’s needs as a whole, including social, familial and educational needs

Community-based care

The Boston Children’s Hospital Neighborhood Partnerships Program:

  • partners with urban schools and community health centers in Boston to provide mental health care for children and families
  • develops and expands prevention and early intervention programs
  • offers training and professional development initiatives for clinicians and researchers
  • advocates for enhanced community services and mental health policy reform