Department of Plastic And Oral Surgery Paul Farmer Global Surgery Fellows

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Research Fellows

Johanna Riesel, MD, 2013-

Nakul Raykar, MD, MPH, 2013-

Jonathan Scott, MD, MPH, 2013-

Geoffrey Anderson, MD, MPH, 2014-

Josh Ng-Kamstra, MD, MPH, 2014

Gabriel Toma, MD, 2014-

Sarah Greenberg, MD, MPH, 2012-2015

Alexi Matousek, MD, MPH, 2012-2015

Bin Song, MD, MPH, PhD, 2012-2015

Jacky Fils, MD, MPH, 2012-2015

Clinical Fellows

Ainhoa Costas-Chavarri, MD, 2013-

Luther Ward, MD, MPH, 2013-2015

Research Associates

Alexis Bowder, 2014-2015

Charles Liu, 2014-2015

Brigitte Frett, MSW, 2014-2015

Martha Vega, MD, 2014-2015

Samuel Enumah, 2014-2015

Past Clinical Fellows

Rowan Gillies, MBBS, FRACS, 2012-2014

Stephen R. Sullivan, MD, 2008-2009

Past Research Fellows

Christopher Hughes, MD, MPH, 2010-2012

Allison Linden, MD, MPH, 2011-2013

JaBaris Swain, MD, 2011-2013

Tiffany Chao, MD, 2011-2013

Catherine Kress, MD, 2011-2013

Jennifer Rickard, MD, 2011-2013

Jennifer Kreshak, MD, 2011-2013

Margarita Ramos, MD, MPH, 2012-2014

Rebecca Maine, MD, MPH, 2012-2014

Past Research Associates

Cecilia Ong, MD, 2012-2013

Margo Hoyler, MD, 2012-2013

Pratik Patel, MD, 2012-2013

Kiran Agarwal-Harding, MD, 2012-2013

Paula Hercule, MD, 2012-2013

Charles “Beau” Bush, MD 2013-2014

Eric Nagengast, MD, 2013-2014

George Baison, MD, 2013-2014

Hampus Holmer (MD/PhD Candidate), 2013-2014

Kathleen O’Neill, MD, 2013-2014

Morgan Mandigo, MD, 2013-2014

The future of pediatrics will be forged by thinking differently, breaking paradigms and joining together in a shared vision of tackling the toughest challenges before us.”
- Sandra L. Fenwick, President and CEO

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