Department of Cardiology | Meet Our Team

Our cardiology team is made up of 72 cardiologists and 42 cardiology fellows, all of whom are dedicated exclusively to patients with congenital heart disease and other rare heart conditions. Each specializes in a specific area such as cardiac electrophysiology, cardiac neurodevelopmental care, interventional catheterization and congenital heart valve repair.

Tal Geva, MD




Jane W. Newburger, MD, MPH 
Associate Chief, Academic Affairs




Roger E. Breitbart, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiology Inpatient Services




David E. Clapham, MD, PhD 
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Laboratories




Sarah De Ferranti MD MPH Sarah de Ferranti, MD, MPH
Chief, Division of Outpatient Cardiology




Diego Porras MD FAAP
Diego Porras, MD
Chief, Division of Invasive Cardiology

Andrew Powell, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiac Imaging


Ravi Thiagarajan, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiac Critical Care




Edward P. Walsh, MD
Chief, Division of Electrophysiology Laboratory





Full list of Cardiologists

Dominic J.R. Abrams, MD
Mark Alexander, MD
Catherine Allan, MD
Puja Banka, MD
Oscar Benavidez, MD
Lisa J. Bergersen, MD
Laura M. Bevilacqua, MD
Vassilios Bezzerides, MD
Elizabeth Blume, MD
David Brown, MD
Lucy Buckley, MD
Ryan Callahan, MD
Ming Hui Chen, MD, MMSc, FACE, FASE
Henry Cheng, MD
Kevin P. Daly, MD
Jesse J. Esch, MD, MSc
Michael D. Freed, MD
Kevin G. Friedman, MD
David R. Fulton, MD
Kimberlee K. Gauvreau, ScD
Robert Geggel, MD
Emily Greenstein, MD
Michelle Gurvitz, MD
David Harrild, MD, PhD
Kathy Jenkins, MD, MPH
John Kheir, MD
Ronald Lacro, MD
Michael Landzberg, MD
Peter Lang, MD
Joan M. LaRovere, MD
Jami Levine, MD
James E. Lock, MD
Douglas Mah, MD
Renee Margossian, MD
Gerald Marx, MD
Nicola Maschietto, MD, PhD
Mary Mullen, MD, PhD
Alexander Opotowsky, MD, MPH
Andrew Powell, MD
Ashwin Prakash, MD
William Pu, MD
Rahul Rathod, MD
Jonathan Rhodes, MD
Amy Roberts, MD
Susan Saleeb, MD
Joshua Salvin, MD, MPH
Stephen Sanders, MD
Sepehr Sekhavat, MD
Keri Shafer, MD
Michael Singh, MD
Tajinder Singh, MD
Laurence Sloss, MD
Leslie Smoot, MD
Sarah Teele, MD
Ravi Thiagarajan, MD, MPH
Wayne Tworetzky, MD
John Triedman, MD
Anne Marie Valente, MD
Christina J. VanderPluym, MD
Da-Zhi Wang, PhD
Fred Ming Chien Wu, MD
Elizabeth S. Yellen, MD