Department of Cardiac Surgery | Better Imaging

In the past, our cardiac surgeons would open the heart up and do whatever we could in a short space of time allowed for the operation. Now, with innovative 3-dimensional imaging, we can get a much better view of what is going on—prior to putting the child through surgery. Three-dimensional imaging has opened up a vast new world. We can plan ahead of time, think about the actual challenge of this particular child’s heart, collaborate with our peers and have a full-fledged plan. This allows us to tackle the most complicated problems with the best outcomes.

"3-D stereoscopic guidance gives us depth perception. You feel like you're inside the heart chamber." —Nikolay Vasilyev, MD

Video game technology helps surgeons

The computer technology for speedy, high-quality, 3-dimensional clinical imaging did not exist a few years ago. Computer engineers from Harvard, Boston University and Phillips Medical Systems helped us get there. And, eventually, it was the gaming industry—particularly In Vidia—that helped us use their equipment in novel ways and come up with the clinical solution we needed.