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Benefits of transferring your pediatric scans

  • Consulting with our radiology specialists live while they are reviewing images helps us to quickly determine the best course of action for helping you treat your patient

  • Help your patients have a smoother first visit by sharing their medical information prior to arriving at Boston Children’s Hospital

  • Get our advice on a condition you may be able to treat in your community

Share medical images securely with any member of our team.

Responsible health data exchange

Boston Children’s Hospital has partnered with a company called lifeIMAGE to make it possible for you to share your medical images with our specialists, any time, day or night. lifeIMAGE employs sophisticated safeguards to guarantee the security of information shared via its network.

Here is a short video on the service we use to receive images.

Physical security of health data

lifeIMAGE services are hosted in a secured, badged facility with multiple levels of physical security, including biometric authorization requirements. Its data center meets SAS 70 Type II auditing standards. Additionally, all PHI is securely stored and backed up to ensure the timely recovery of data.

The data stored for all lifeIMAGE-hosted services resides in a disaster-hardened facility with multiple levels of physical security, including badge and biometric authorization requirements.

Technical security of health data

lifeIMAGE employs encryption strategies that follow or surpass industry best practices. For data in transit, lifeIMAGE uses Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSLv3) with 2048-bit encryption keys and up to AES 256-bit encryption for data travelling to the lifeIMAGE cloud service. Two-way, mutually authenticated TLS/SSLv3 is used for data travelling between the Enterprise LILA (lifeIMAGE Local App) and a lifeIMAGE cloud service. TLS/SSLv3 helps to secure transmitted data using encryption. TLS/SSLv3 also authenticates servers and, optionally, authenticates clients to prove the identities of parties engaged in secure communication. In addition to protecting against data disclosure, the TLS/SSLv3 security protocol can be used to help protect against masquerade attacks, man-in-the-middle or bucket brigade attacks, rollback attacks, and replay attacks.

Additionally, data that resides in the lifeIMAGE cloud is secured with customer-dedicated encryption keys. These encryption keys ensure that customer data that lives within the lifeIMAGE cloud is segregated and protected to prevent unauthorized exposure of PHI.

How to transfer scans

When you contact Boston Children’s Hospital to request a consultation you will be asked if your patient has imaging in his or her medical history. If so, you will be invited to share those exams.

We use lifeIMAGE ReferralBox to allow you to securely and instantly upload exams to our team. You will receive an email from our team with a link, username and password to upload images to our ReferralBox.

Watch this short video or follow the instructions below for learn how to upload images to our ReferralBox.

Please note: if you are not currently working with our team and would like to consult with us about your patient’s care please click here.

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