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The Department's clinicians frequently participate in innovative and influential initiatives and activities that garner national and international attention.  Whether it be the publication of a ground-breaking research study or the development of a new and innovative treatment program, the work of the Department of Anesthesiology, Perioperative, and Pain Medicine is often newsworthy. Check out a few of these inspiring stories below.

Local Doctors Offering Procedure to Help Ease Back Pain – WCVB, 03/27/2015: Kevin Lee suffered from debilitating back pain before going to see Dr. Pradeep Dinakar at Brigham and Woman’s Health Care Center in Foxborough. After receiving a non-invasive surgery using the COOLIEF* Sinergy Cooled Radiofrequency Treatment, Lee was about to walk, lift, and stretch again with ease. Because of this innovative treatment he went back to living his life and didn’t another treatment for a full year.

Off the 3-D Printer, Practice Parts for the Surgeon - New York Times, 02/26/2015: Over the past few years physicians at Boston Children’s have used 3-D-printing technology to create models of patient’s bones and other body parts so that they can practice surgical procedures outside of the OR. Recently this technology helped in the successful restructuring of Violet Pietrok’s skull.

In the News2Tips for Reducing Needlestick Pain in Children - The Clinical Advisor, 02/02/2015: Dr. Navil Sethna, the Senior Anesthesiologist and Clinical Director at the Mayo Family Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center, offers advice on how to reduce pain, fear, and distress in children who are to receive needle injections or sutures.

Helping Children Push Past the Pain The Boston Globe, 12/29/2014: The Mayo Family Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center located at Boston Children’s Hospital Waltham campus is an outpatient pain treatment center that provides therapy to five or six children with chronic pain at a time.

Boston Nurse Records ‘Desperately Sad’ Experiences Treating Ebola Patients in Liberia - WBUR’s CommonHealth, 11/12/2014: John Welch, a nurse anesthetist at Boston Children’s Hospital, went to Liberia last fall to assist with the ebola crisis. There he had many harrowing experiences, which only reaffirmed his commitment to the necessity of this work.

Amelia Watt – Pain Story – Vimeo, 10/03/2014: Amelia Watt developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after what seemed like an inconsequential ankle sprain while playing soccer. After months of searching and not finding answers, she finally enrolled in the Mayo Clinic Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Center. There she was able to recover and now she is able to fully participate in the academics and extracurricular activities at her school.  

Mary Friona and Her Daughter Share Their Story - WGRZ, 05/10/2012: In 2010 Maria Friona got into a terrible accident, which shattered her femur and severed her femoral artery, and eventually led to severe, chronic pain. Her pain was diagnosed as Reflex Sympathy Dystrophy (RSD). After both inpatient and outpatient treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital she was able to recover and now enjoys playing sports with other kids her age.





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