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Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion is a twisting of the spermatic cord that cuts off the blood supply to the testicle. The signs are an enlarged, reddened and tender scrotum (the bag of skin hanging behind the penis)...

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Torsion of the Appendix Testis

Torsion of the appendix testis is a twisting of a vestigial appendage that is located along the testicle. This appendage has no function, yet more than half of all boys are born with one. Although...

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Testicular Tumors

A testicular tumor is a growth on the testicles. These are germ-cell tumors – masses of tissue formed by immature cells that normally would have developed into mature eggs (in a female) or sperm (in a...

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Undescended Testicles (cryptorchidism)

Undescended testicles—a condition also called cryptorchidism—is fairly common. Before a baby boy is born, the testicles form in the child’s abdomen. During the third trimester, the testicles travel...

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A varicocele is mass of enlarged and swollen veins in the testicle that essentially feels like a bag of worms. A varicocele is generally neither harmful nor painful. Approximately 15 percent of boys...

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