Development Information

Brookline Place is a Transit‐Oriented Development (TOD) with a mix of uses that complement the existing and adjacent land uses, and take advantage of the existing public transit. It is located on an urban site surrounded by the active residential and commercial neighborhood of Brookline Village and bordering the Brookline Village T stop.

The Project includes the following key components:

  • Two Brookline Place: An approximately 182,500‐square foot, 8‐story mixed‐use building replacing the existing Two and Four Brookline Place Buildings. The new Two Brookline Place building will have ground floor retail and medical office & ambulatory care uses on upper floors. When measured to the top of the mechanical penthouse, the total building height is approximately 125’.
  • One Brookline Place: An approximately 47,000‐square foot, 6-story medical office use expansion of the existing medical office building. The addition is conceived of as a new third wing of the building, and will tie into the existing lobby on all floors. At 79’, it is the same height as the existing building. The existing 1 Brookline Place building will remain occupied during construction, and public access to the east building entrance from the Brookline Village T stop will be maintained. Public access to an exit on the west side of the existing building will also be maintained. The existing building is occupied by medical practices including a day-surgery center, so particular attention will be paid to minimizing construction impacts on the building users.
  • An approximately 683‐parking space, 7 level precast concrete garage to replace the existing 359‐parking space, 4 level steel and precast concrete garage.

Upon completion of the Project, a pedestrian passage will run diagonally through the Project Site in a southeast‐northwest direction. Publicly‐accessible open space will occupy approximately 40 percent of the site area, and will include a significant new open space along the north side of Two Brookline Place, adjacent to the Brookline Village T stop and Brookline Village. It will also include a centrally located plaza and garden gathering space and a new gateway with landscaping on the south side of the project site along Route 9.

The Project received a Special Permit from the Brookline Zoning Board of Appeals executed on May 21, 2015, and the development is subject to terms and conditions of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) dated May 15, 2014.