2017 Interns

BCRP Welcomes New Intern Class
The Boston Combined Residency Program welcomes 47 new pediatric and 4 med-peds members of what promises to be one of the best classes in its history. The new interns come from 22 states and 6 countries, went to 35 different colleges and 32 different medical schools. They majored in 26 diverse subjects including, in addition to a wide variety of biological sciences, Biological Engineering, Genetics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Spanish, French, Public Health, Global Health, History, Government, Economic, Environmental Studies, and Global Disease Control. 11 are PhDs or have PhD-like research experience, and 6 hold an MPH, MEd or other Masters degree. Five of the new interns graduated from Boston University, 4 from Michigan, and 3 each came from Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Stanford.


Categorical Track

 Aamodt, Kristie

Kristie Aamodt, MD, PhD
• Harrisonburg, VA
• Brigham Young Univ. (Genetics & Biotechnology)
• Vanderbilt School of Medicine
• PhD (Molecular Physiology & Biophysics)

Akagbosu, Cynthia
Cynthia Akagbosu, MD, MMS
• London, England ➔ Tampa, FL
• Dartmouth College (Spanish and Psychology)
• Tufts Univ. School of Medicine
• MMS (Medical Science), Boston Univ.
Alizadeh, Faraz

Faraz Alizadeh, MD
• Las Vegas, NV
• Univ. California, Los Angeles (Integrative Biology & Physiology)
• Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Alosio, Gina 

Gina Aloisio, MD, PhD
• Chillicothe, OH
• Ohio State Univ. (Spanish & Biomedical Sciences)
• Univ. Texas Southwestern School of Medicine
• PhD (Pathology)


Daniel (Danny) Atwood, MD
• Minnetonka, MN
• Univ. of Kentucky (Biology)
• Medical College of Wisconsin

Briscoe Abath 

Christina (Chris) Briscoe-Abath, MD
(Neurodevelopmental Disabilities)

• Newport News, VA
• Univ. of Maryland (Public Health & Anthropology)
• Univ. of Virginia School of Medicine


Amanda Bryson, MD
• Medway, MA
• Univ. of Maryland (Biology & Spanish)
• Pennsylvania State Univ. College of Medicine



Hamsika Chandrasekar, MD
• Sugarland, TX
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Brain & Cognitive Sci & Computer Science & Molecular Biol)
• Stanford Univ School of Medicine

Anna Cushing, MD
• Washington, DC
• Stanford Univ. (Biomedical Computation)
• Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Kelly Fitzgerald, MD
• Sudbury, MA
• Harvard College (Neurobiology)
• Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown Univ.


Rachel Goldstein Hirschberger, MD, MPH
(Child Neurology - BCH)

• Dix Hills, NY
• Brown Univ. (Public Policy & American Institutions)
• Boston Univ. School of Medicine
• MPH (Health Policy)



Caroline Gross, MD
• Los Angeles, CA
• Cornell Univ. (Biology & Society)
• Univ. of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine



John (Jack) Hale, MD
• Austin, TX
• United States Naval Academy (English)
• Univ. of Rochester School of Medicine


Robert Hoffmann, MD
• Nuremberg, Germany
• Ludwig Maximilians Univ. Munich Faculty of Medicine


Alexander (Alex) Holtz, MD, PhD
(Ped-Medical Genetics)

• Fairfield, CT
• Cornell Univ. (Biology)
• Univ. of Michigan School of Medicine
• PhD (Cell Dev Biology)


Hadas Ityel, MD
• Tel Aviv, Israel
• Tel Aviv Univ (Life Sciences Honors Prog.)
• Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv Univ.


Divya Jayaraman, MD, PhD
(Child Neurology - BCH)

• Mumbai, India ➔ Cos Cob, CT
• Harvard College (Biochemical Sciences)
• Harvard Medical School
• PhD (Neuroscience)



Jenna Katz, MD
• Plainview, NY
• Univ of Pennsylvania (Biol Basis of Behavior)
• Stanford Univ. School of Medicine



Kailyn Kuzmuk, MD
• Tinley Park, IL
• Harvard College (Psychology)
• Tufts Univ. School of Medicine

Matthew (Matt) Luchette, MD
• Burr Ridge, IL
• Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Biological Engineering)
• Boston Univ, School of Medicine


Amanda Marinoff, MD
• Plainview, NY
• Dartmouth College (Neuroscience)
• Harvard Medical School


Caitlin Milligan, MD, PhD
• Lexington, KY
• Duke Univ. (Biology & Global Health)
• Univ. of Washington School of Medicine
• PhD (Pathobiology)


Alisa Mo, MD, PhD
(Child Neurology - BCH)

• Plano, TX
• Cornell Univ. (Biology & Mathematics)
• Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
• PhD (Neuroscience)


Megan Mohnen, MD
(Pediatric Anesthesia)

• Clintonville, WI
• Marquette Univ. (Biology)
• Medical College of Wisconsin


Carolina Montaño, MD, PhD
• Barranquilla, Colombia ➔ Miami, FL
• Brigham Young Univ. (Neuroscience & Molecular Biology)
• Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine
• PhD (Genetics)


Sinead Murphy, MD
• Rochester, MN
• Amherst College (History & Chemistry)
• Mayo Medical School


Chloë Nunneley, MD
(Child Neurology - BCH)

• Buffalo, NY ➔ New Zealand ➔ College Station, TX
• Texas A&M (Biochemistry)
• Baylor College of Medicine


Milad Rezvani, MD, Dr med
• Hannover, Germany
• Albert Ludwigs Univ. Freiburg Germany Medical School
• Dr med (Genetics/Neonatology)


Caroline Smith, MD
• Dallas, TX
• Stanford Univ. (Biology)
• Univ. of Texas Southwestern School of Medicine


Christina Theodoris, MD, PhD
(Ped-Medical Genetics)

• Alpharetta, GA
• California Institute of Technology (Biology)
• Univ of California, San Francisco
• PhD (Dev Stem Cell Biol)


Michaela Tracy, MD
• Needham, MA
• Georgetown Univ. (Biology & Psychology)
• Univ. of Massachusetts School of Medicine

David (Dave) Vanderhoff, MD
• Stow, MA
• Dartmouth College (Government & Environmental Studies)
• Univ of Washington School of Medicine

Kimiko (Kimi) Warlaumont, MD
• Chappaqua, NY
• College of William & Mary (Neuroscience & Studio Art)
• Univ of Michigan School of Medicine

Mollie Wasserman, MD
• St Louis, MO
• Washington Univ., St Louis (Biology)
• Univ of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine

Yasmine White, MD
• Arcata, CA
• Bowdoin College (Mathematics & Biology)
• Univ. of Michigan School of Medicine
• General Surgery Residency (1 yr), Stanford Univ.

Williams  Christina Williams, MD

• St Louis, MO
• Washington Univ St Louis (Spanish & Anthropology)
• Stanford Univ School of Medicine


Urban Health and Advocacy Track


Brenna (Hughes) Chase, MD
• Boston, MA
• Dartmouth College (Economics & Environmental Studies)
• Univ. of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Suzanne Collier, MD
• Potomac, MD
• Colgate Univ. (Psychology)
• Univ. of Michigan School of Medicine
Cody-Aaron (Cody) Gathers, MD
• Goose Creek, SC
• Clemson Univ. (Biochemistry)
• Medical Univ. of South Carolina

Genevieve (Gen) Guyol, MD
• St Louis, MO
• Middlebury College (Spanish & History)
• Boston Univ. School of Medicine

Jeremiah Joyce, MD
• Jackson, MI
• Vassar College (German & Film Studies)
• Stony Brook Univ. School of Medicine

Perry Nagin, MD, MEd
• Manhattan, NY
• Princeton Univ. (Sociology)
• MEd, Hunter College
• Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson Univ.


Alexandra (Alex) PowerHays, MD
• Tallahasse, FL
• Emory Univ. (Biology)
• Harvard Medical School

Tyler (Tye) Rainer, MD
• Marlborough, MA
• Williams College (Psychology)
• Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple Univ.


Lauren Sweetser, MD, MMS
• Holliston, MA
• Middlebury College (French & Biology)
• Boston Univ. School of Medicine
• MMS (Medical Science)


Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wilson, MD
(Child Neurology - BMC)

• Berkeley Heights, NJ
• Lafayette College (Neuroscience)
• Boston Univ. School of Medicine 

Zheng  Daniel (Dan) Zheng, MD, MHS
• Barrington, RI
• Yale Univ (Psychology)
• Yale School of Medicine
• MHS (Health Science) 


Medicine-Pediatrics Track


Mariel Bailey, MD, MEd
• Newport, RI
• Stanford Univ. (Human Biology)
• Univ. of California, Los Angeles
• MEd, Lehman College

Neha Limaye, MD
• Westfield, NJ
• Duke University (Global Disease Control)
• Perelman School of Medicine at the Univ of Pennsylvania

Ian McConnell, MD
• Boothbay, ME
• Harvard College (Government)
• Yale Medical School

Emily Murphy, MD
• Boxford, MA
• Brown Univ. (Neuroscience)
• Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine