2016 Interns

BCRP Welcomes New Intern Class
The Boston Combined Residency Program welcomes 46 new pediatric and 4 med-peds members of what promises to be one of the best classes in its history. The new interns come from 22 states and 12 countries, went to 34 different colleges and 26 different medical schools. They majored in nearly 30 diverse subjects including, in addition to a wide variety of biological sciences, nutrition, art history, anthropology, philosophy, cello, English, French, linguistics, government, global health policy, international affairs, feminist, gender and sexuality studies, economics, business, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials science, chemistry and mathematics. Fifteen are PhDs or have PhD-like research experience, and five hold an MPH, MPP or other Masters degree. Seven of the new interns graduated from Pennsylvania, four from Harvard, and two each came from Albert Einstein, Boston University, Cornell, Heidelberg, UCSF, Vanderbilt, and Washington University in St Louis. Several schools, including Albany, Florida International, LMU Munich, Missouri, Morehouse, and Texas Tech, are new or relatively new to the BCRP.


Categorical Track

 Andzelm Milena

Milena Andzelm, MD, PhD
(Child Neurology)

• Montreal, Canada ➔ San Diego, CA
• Harvard College (Biochemistry)
• Harvard Medical School 
• PhD (Immunology)

Bhagavutula, Geetha
Geetha Bhagavatula, MD
• Corning, NY
• St Bonaventure (Biology & Business)
• George Washington University School of Medicine
Cross Emily 

Emily Cross, MD
• New York, NY
• Harvard College (Biology)
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Ebrahimi Fakhari, Darius 

Darius Ebrahimi-Fakhari, MD, Dr med
(Child Neurology)

• Giessen, Germany
• Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Medical School
• Dr med (Neurobiology)
• Pediatric residency (1 yr) Heidelberg University Hospital

Gaston, Lindsay 

Lindsey Gaston, MD
• Detroit, MI
• Kalamazoo College (Biology)
• University of Michigan School of Medicine

Groves, Andrew 

Andrew Groves, MD
• Ann Arbor, MI
• Northwestern University (Integrated Sciences, Chemistry & Mathematics)
• Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine

Hall, Connor 

Connor Hall, MD, PhD
• Walnut Creek, CA
• University of Southern California (Biomedical Engineering)
• Texas Tech University School of Medicine, Lubbock
• PhD (Pharmacology)

Williams, Caitlyn


Caitlyn Williams Hark, MD
• Larchmont, NY
• Hamilton College (Neuroscience)
• Albert Einstein College of Medicine

 Hotchkiss, Leslie 2
Leslie Hotchkiss Hayes, MD
(Child Neurology)
• New Canaan, CT
• Georgetown University (Science, Technology & International Affairs)
• Cornell Medical College
Hickey, Julia
Julia Hickey MD, CM
(Pediatric Anesthesia)

• Dover, MA 
• Duke University (French)
• McGill University Faculty of Medicine
Hildebrandt, Clara

Clara Hildebrandt, MD
(Pediatrics-Medical Genetics)

• Freiberg, Germany ➔ Ann Arbor, MI
• University of Michigan (Neuroscience)
• Wayne State University School of Medicine

Johnson, Hannah


Hannah Johnson, MD
(Child Neurology)

• Canton, OH
• Brown University (Neuroscience)
• Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 

Lewen, Molly

Margaret (Molly) Lewen, MD
• Ridgefield, CT
• Williams College (English & Psychology)
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Long, Adrienne

Adrienne Long, MD, PhD
• Damascus, MD
• Northwestern University (Biomedical Engineering)
• Northwestern University School of Medicine 
• PhD Northwestern & NIH (Microbiology & Immunology) 

McCraken, Kyle

Kyle McCracken, MD, PhD
• Youngstown, OH
• Xavier University (Biology)
• Cincinnati University School of Medicine 
• PhD (Molecular & Developmental Biology)

McGoveren, Caitronia

Caitriona McGovern, MD
• Winchester, MA
• Harvard College (Global Health Policy)
• Harvard Medical School 

Meyer, Erin

Erin Meyer, MD
• Columbia, MO
• Washington University in St Louis (Philosophy, Neuroscience & Psychology)
• Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Musser, Melissa


Melissa Musser, MD, PhD
• Amarillo, TX
• University of Oklahoma (Cello & Zoology)
• Vanderbilt University School of Medicine 
• PhD (Human Genetics)

Nelson, Ryan

Ryan Nelson, MD, PhD
• Rochester, MN
• Washington University in St Louis (Biology and Anthropology)
• University of Minnesota School of Medicine 
• PhD (Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology) 
O'Brien, Amy

Amy O’Brien, MD
• Dublin, Ireland ➔ San Diego, CA
• Brown University (Immunology)
• Harvard Medical School 

O'Halloran, Connor

Conor O’Halloran, MD
• Chicago, IL
• University of Wisconsin-Madison (Biology)
• University of Wisconsin School of Medicine 

Ostrem, Bridget

Bridget Ostrem, MD, PhD
• Austin, TX
• University of California, Los Angeles (Neuroscience)
• University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine 
• PhD (Neuroscience) 

Roberts, Jordan

Jordan Roberts, MD
• San Luis Obispo, CA
• Harvard College (Government)
• Cornell Medical College 

Sheridan, Anna

Anna Sheridan, MD
(Pediatric Anesthesia)

• Lexington, MA
• Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Biology)
• Albany Medical College 

Shin, Dan

Dan Shin, MD, PhD
• Bronx, NY
• Columbia University (Biology)
• Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
• PhD (Pathology) 

Siegel, Steven

Steven Siegel, MD, PhD
• Washington, DC
• Yale University (Biology)
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
• PhD (Cell and Molecular Biology)

Stratton, Michael

Michael (Mike) Stratton, MD, MMS
• Newton, MA
• Bowdoin College (Biology)
• Boston University School of Medicine 
• MMS (Medical Science)

Templeton, Kate

Kate Templeton, MD
• Santa Monica, CA
• Providence College (Biology)
• Pennsylvania State University. School of Medicine 

Trissal, Maria

Maria Trissal, MD, PhD
• S. Korea ➔ Phoenix, AZ
• University of Arizona (Biochemistry and Molec Biophysics & Molecular and Cellular Biology)
• Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine
• PhD (Immunology)

Turner, Ashley

Ashley Davidson Turner, MD
• Joplin, MO
• University of Missouri-Columbia (Biochemistry and Nutrition)
• University of Missouri School of Medicine

Wachter, Franziska

Franziska (Franzi) Wachter, MD, Dr med
• Hof, Germany
• Ludwig Maximilian University,  Munich Faculty of Medicine 
• Dr med (Pediatric Hematology/Oncology)

Wahlster, Lara new 2
Lara Wahlster, MD, Dr med
• Saarbrücken, Germany
• Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg, Medical School 
• Dr med (Physiology) 
• Pediatric residency (1 yr) Heidelberg University Hospital

Wu. Stephen
Stephan Wu, MD
• Montreal, Canada ➔ Carlisle, MA
• University of Pennsylvania (Biochemistry & Economics)
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine 

Yarahuan Julia
Julia Whitlow Yarahuan, MD
• Arlington, TX
• University Texas-Austin (Business Honors Program & Management Information Systems)
• Baylor College of Medicine

Zerriny, Salim
Salim Zerriny, MD
• Tyngsboro, MA
• University Massachusetts-Amherst (Kinesiology)
• University of Massachusetts School of Medicine



Urban Health and Advocacy Track

Barber Doucet, Hannah 

Hannah Barber Doucet, MD, MPH
• Brooklyn, NY
• Wesleyan Univ. (Biology & Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies)
• SUNY Downstate School of Medicine
• MPH (Public Health)
Campbell, Jeff
Jeffrey (Jeff) Campbell, MD
• Boulder, CO
• Princeton (Art History & Materials Science and Engineering)
• Harvard Medical School

Collada, Beatriz
Beatriz (Betty) Collada, MD
• Cuba ➔ Miami, FL
• Duke University (Biology)
• Florida International University
College of Medicine

Egan, Kelsey
Kelsey Egan, MD
• Rochester, NY
• Cornell University (Human Biology, Health, and Society)
• Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

He, Yuan
Yuan He, MD, MPH
• Tempe, AZ
• Yale University (Molecular Biochemistry & Biophysics)
• University of Arizona College of Medicine
• MPH (Public Health)

Holstrom, Sara
Sara Holmstrom, MD
• St. Charles, IL
• University Wisconsin-Madison (Biology)
• Boston University School of Medicine
Ludomirsky, Avital 

Avital Ludomirsky, MD, MPP
• Ann Arbor, MI ➔ St. Louis, MO
• Princeton University (Public and International Affairs)
• New York University School of Medicine
• MPP, Princeton (Public and International Affairs)

Muroski, Daria
Daria Murosko, MD, MPH
• Columbia, MD
•  University of Maryland (Biochemistry)
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
• MPH (Public Health)

Shapiro, Dan 2

Daniel (Dan) Shapiro, MD
• New Haven, CT
• Stanford University (Economics)
• University California, San Francisco School of Medicine

Spellun, Arielle 

Arielle Spellun, MD
• Warwick, RI
• University of Pennsylvania (Biology)
• Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine

Tolliver, Destiny  Destiny Tolliver, MD
• Albany, GA
• Yale University (Linguistics)
• Morehouse School of Medicine

Medicine-Pediatrics Track

Dunbar, Peter 

Peter Dunbar, MD
• Oxford, MS
• Princeton University
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Pimenta, Erica
Erica Pimenta, MD, PhD
• Rahway, NJ
• Rutgers University (Molecular Biology and Biochemistry)
• Rutgers University New Jersey School of Medicine
• PhD (Biochemistry) 

Schulte, Jenna
Jennifer (Jenna) Schulte, MD
• Burr Ridge, IL
• University of Notre Dame (Anthropology)
• Chicago University School of Medicine

Tsaur, Stephen
Stephen Tsaur, MD
• Lexington, MA
• Carnegie Mellon University
(Chemical and Biomedical Engineering)
• University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Caitlyn Williams, MD
• New York City
• Hamilton College (Neuroscience)
• Albert Einstein College of Medicine