Enhanced Ambulatory Training Experiences in General and Subspecialty Pediatrics

In addition to the enhancements to ambulatory training experiences in general pediatrics as introduced by the Keystone Quarter, we made significant improvements in the amount of ambulatory training time within our PL-2 pediatric subspecialty rotations. Each of the following subspecialty rotations anchored on inpatient specialty units now integrates ambulatory subspecialty clinic time for approximately 20-25% of the 4-week block rotation:

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Oncology
  • Pulmonary Medicine

In addition, interns on 7W PEAR team attend clinics in endocrinology and nephrology and interns on 9E attend allergy-immunology and infectious diseases clinics to provide an exposure to the outpatient focus of these subspecialties. Junior residents on the 6E HAIR team split their time between leading the inpatient team and having outpatient opportunities in hematology and rheumatology clinics.

Our program's aim is to equip our residents with the knowledge and skills of a general pediatrician who knows how to evaluate and treat the most common problems referred to pediatric subspecialists. This integrated approach facilitates an understanding of both the breadth and depth of pediatric subspecialty care.