Creation of the BCRP Academies

Innovative Academic Homes

The BCRP has a long history of producing academic pediatricians. With new program requirements that include six months of individualized curriculum for each resident, we identified the need for academic homes consisting of residents, faculty and other trainees who share intellectual interests. We created four BCRP Academies consistent with the interests and intellectual pursuits of our trainees and our faculty:

  • Academy of Investigation
  • Academy of Clinical Innovation
  • Academy of Education
  • Academy of Community and Global Societies

The overarching goals of the BCRP Academies are to:

  • Promote formal and informal faculty-resident interactions
  • Promote the concept of "interest groups" within Academies
  • Develop an inventory of Academy-specific activities
  • Develop Academy-specific concrete skills such as grant writing and participating on project teams

Faculty within the BCRP Academies are motivated individuals who endeavor to develop collegial relationships with BCRP residents and provide them with opportunities for advising, professional development, career guidance, and mentoring. Each resident has 6 months of Individualized Curriculum built on the foundation of our longstanding and unique PL3 rotation, the Academic Development Block (ADB). This 3-month block provides each BCRP resident with the opportunity to do a scholarly project. Mentoring residents about their Individualized Curricula (ADB coupled with other clinical experiences) is one focus of the Academies’ activities.

Academy activities begin during Intern Orientation with scheduled time throughout the year. Interns select an Academy at the beginning of the year. Residents participate in a variety of Academy-related functions and events:  

  • Intern Orientation – Introduction to the Academies
  • Noon Conferences and Journal Clubs
  • Afternoon workshops and seminars six times per year
  • Evening events such as an Interest Group or Data Blitz Session about twice per year
  • Individual mentoring by Academy leaders and faculty
  • Academy-led retreats

The Academies are becoming the professional development homes within our training program. They serve the individual needs of our trainees as they launch their academic careers.