• Herbert T. Abelson, MD (1971) - Previously, Associate Dean of Admissions, Chicago, Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics, Univ. of Chicago and Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics, Univ. of Washington, Seattle.
  • Nancy C. Andrews, MD, PhD (1990) - Dean, Duke University School of Medicine. Previously, Dean for Basic Sciences and Graduate Studies, Harvard Medical School and Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
  • Ellis D. Avner, MD (1978) - Associate Dean for Research and Director, Children's Research Institute, Medical College of Wisconsin. Ex-Chair, Dept. of Pediatrics, Case-Western Reserve Univ. School of Medicine.
  • W. Edwin Dodson, MD (1970) - Associate Vice Chancellor & Associate Dean for Admissions and Continuing Education, Washington University, St Louis
  • S. Bruce Dowton, MD (1984) - Principal of Dowton Consulting International, Inc. Previously, Dean of Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia and Senior Vice-President, Harvard Medical International.
  • Lewis First, MD (1984) - Chair of Pediatrics and, previously, Senior Associate Dean, Educational and Curriculum Affairs, Vermont.
  • Jody Heymann, MD, PhD (1992) - Dean, Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA. Previously, Canada Research Chair in Global Health and Social Policy and Founding Director, Institute for Health and Social Policy, McGill University.
  • Alan M. Krensky, MD (1980) - Vice Dean for Development and Alumni Relations, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine. Previously, Deputy Director, NIH, and Associate Dean for Child Health, Stanford Medical School.
  • Philip A. Pizzo, MD (1973) - Dean Emeritus, Stanford University School of Medicine. Emeritus Chair of Pediatrics and Physician-in-Chief, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Norman Rosenblum, MD (1984) - Associate Dean, Physician-Scientist Training and Associate Director, McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine. Univ Toronto and Hosp for Sick Children.

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