Residents Present Research at Pediatric Academic Societies

Bob Vinci and friends

Nineteen BCRP houseofficers (current and those who graduated last year) submitted 18 abstracts of their research to the spring meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in Baltimore, MD, April 30 to May 3, 2016.

In addition, Mary Beth Howard won the APA Resident Research Awards, Jeff Dvorin won the prestigious SPR Young Investigator Award and Kimberly Stegmaier won the prestigious E. Mead Johnson Award for pediatric research. Remarkably, Boston Children’s faculty have won 50% of the Young Investigator awards and 40% of the E. Mead Johnson awards, the two highest research awards in pediatrics, in the last decade.

The abstracts included (resident's names in boldface).

1. Emily Allen, Debra Hillier, Melanie Silverman, Tehnaz Boyle. Simulation-Based Boot Camp for Rising Pediatric Interns: Can We Train Junior-Level In-Hospital Early Responders?

2. Ioana Baiu, Melanie Silverman, Jackson Norton, Elliot Melendez. Brain Natriuretic Peptide Compared to Physical Exam and Physician Report in Distinguishing Types of Septic Shock.

3. Kathleen N. Conroy, Corinna Rea, Gabriela Kovacikova, Eli Sprecher, Ellen Reisinger, Amy Starmer, Joanne E. Cox, Sara Toomey. Ensuring Timely Connection to Developmental Services for Young Children with Suspected Developmental Delays.

4. Kristen S. Deschene, Joanne E. Cox, Clement Bottino, Kathleen Conroy, Ellen M. Reisinger, Gabriela Kovacikova, Elsie M. Taveras, Ronald C. Samuels, Mona Sharifi. Obesity-Related Knowledge, Perceptions and Practice Among Pediatric Primary Care Providers.

5. Stephanie Doupnik, John Lawlor, Bonnie Zima, Tumaini Coker, Naomi Bardach, Jay Berry, Matt Hall. Prevalence of a Comorbid Mental Health Condition and Contribution to Length of Stay in Common Pediatric Medical and Surgical Conditions.

6. Heather Edward, Meghan Towne, Monica Wojick, Talia Schwartz, Pankaj Agrawal. Prevalence of Genetic Disorders in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Patient Population.

7. Mei Elansary, Shubi Matelov, Abbas Ismail, Ilana Bergelson, Grace Chan. “Count Every Newborn”: Developing culturally appropriate measurement strategies in Tanzania for stillbirths and early neonatal death.

8. Alex Hirsch, Michael Monuteaux, Genna Fruchtman, Rich Bachur, Mark Neuman. Characteristics of Children Hospitalized with Aspiration Pneumonia.

9. Mary Beth Howard, James Moses, Tahlia Wolfgang, Kathryn Schimanski, Simon Lu, Anjali Rai, Elisha M. Wachman. Impact of Parental Presence at the Bedside on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Outcomes.

10. Carolyn Marcus, Ariel S. Winn, Grant Smith, Irina Gorbounova, Christopher P. Landrigan, Theodore C. Sectish. An Intensive Clinical Orientation for Residents: Increasing Intern Preparedness.

11. Kelsey A Miller, Debra Hillier, Saima Aftab, Alex Lynn, Michael Monuteaux, Joshua Nagler. Perfect Practice Makes Perfect: When to Introduce Novice Laryngoscopists to Difficult Airway Trainers?

12. Elliot Melendez, Nathaniel Mosley, Jackson Norton, Melanie Silverman, Susanna Harju-Baker, Carmen Mikacenic, W Conrad Liles. Angiopoetin 2 Elevation in Children Presenting With Septic Shock Compared to Isolated Sepsis.

13. Kate Millington, Michele Burns, Katherine O'Donnell. Assessment of Pediatric Residents’ Knowledge and Utilization of Urine Toxicology Screening Tests.

14. Jennifer M. Perez, Wynne Morgan, Louise Maranda, Richard Davis, Heather Forkey. Assessment of Caretaker Understanding of Psychotropic Medications for Youth in Foster Care.

15. Natalie Pica, Florence Bourgeois. Discontinuation and Non-Publication of Randomized Clinical Trials Conducted in Pediatric Populations.

16. Elyse Portillo, Bianca Quinones-Perez, Alexandra Epee-Bounya, Kim Wilson. Providers' Practices and Perceptions about Primary Care Delivery for Newly Arrived Foreign-Born Patients at an Academic Primary Care Center.

17. Eli Sprecher, Jenny Chan, Kathleen Conroy, Joanne Cox. Utilization of Patient Navigators in an Urban Academic Pediatric Primary Care Practice.

18. Ariel S. Winn, Carolyn H. Marcus, Theodore C. Sectish, Christopher P. Landrigan. How Much Supervision Is Required at the Beginning of Intern Year?