Minority Physician Training

The Boston Combined Residency Program in Pediatrics (BCRP) links the pediatric training programs of Boston Children's Hospital and Boston Medical Center. The strength of Children's Hospital, one of the world's leading pediatric research and training institutions is combined with the passion and commitment of Boston Medical Center's tradition of excellence in clinical research and primary care among disadvantaged populations.

Historically, the BCRP has attracted an extraordinary group of skilled and dedicated pediatricians at the resident, fellow and faculty levels. Given the significant demographic changes in the proportions of racial and ethnic minority citizens, as well as the well-documented racial and ethnic disparities in child health, pediatric leaders in the 21st century must represent all races and backgrounds. Despite a multitude of outstanding minority faculty with expertise in a broad range of areas within pediatric health, the BCRP is strongly committed to the continued development of a well-balanced academic community. In addition, the BCRP recognizes the need for maintaining the consistent presence of such a talented racially and ethnically diverse staff and has, therefore, outlined the following goals regarding minority physician training:

  • To shape the professional development of a cadre of minority physicians who will become leaders in all aspects of Pediatrics including patient care, research, medical education, health care policy and child advocacy.
  • To increase the number of BCRP housestaff from underrepresented racial and ethnic minority groups while maintaining the current standard of excellence.
  • To enhance cohesion among trainees and faculty in the BCRP community.

Welcome Dinners for Applicants

On the evenings before interviews, minority applicants are invited for an informal dinner to meet housestaff, fellows, and faculty. Applicants have rated these dinners very highly because they provide the opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues with current members of the BCRP community in a relaxed atmosphere.