Schliesman and Von L. Meyer Travel Funding

The Schliesman and Von L Meyer Funds are specifically dedicated to fund oversees travel and medical experiences of residences. Approximately 20 residents each year receive about $1,000 each for this purpose.

Recent Examples of Resident Schliesman Projects

  • Pediatric practice and Endocrine with Navajo Indians (New Mexico)
  • Inpatient Pediatric Care focusing on HIV and TB (Rwanda)
  • Infectious Disease Clinic and Teaching (Botswana)
  • Pediatric Hospital Care with Health Frontiers (Lao)
  • Research on Neonatal Care in the Community (Indonesia)
  • Providing Pediatric Care in Rural Settings (Ecuador)
  • Growth and Nutrition Research Project (Guatemala)
  • Diarrhea Illness Management and Research (Bangladesh)
  • Patient Advocacy with Doctors for Global Health (El Salvador)
  • Primary Pediatric Care and Nutrition (Haiti)

Recent residents have also completed projects in Uganda, Ecuador, Liberia, Bolivia, South Africa, Argentina, Zambia and Vietnam.

Pictures of Housestaff on International Rotations and Electives