Benefiting the Community

The BCRP is actively engaged in the Boston community and committed to providing outstanding care to Boston's children. Both institutions are located near large urban areas with many families living at or below the poverty level. In many ways our institutions become community hospitals for residents from Roxbury, Dorchester and Mission Hill. The majority of children who live in Boston receive their primary health care from one of our institutions. Boston Medical Center is the largest provider of uncompensated care (Free Care) in Massachusetts and Children's Hospital's Primary Care Center (CHPCC) is the largest provider of pediatric primary care to children in the city, with 11,000 patients, 65% from inner city neighborhoods. Several rotations incorporate community experiences and resident engagement with the urban population as part of their curricula, including Adolescent Medicine, Child Development, Emergency Medicine and the Advocacy curriculum.

Residents often organize and participate in other community efforts outside of the hospital. In the past, residents have raised money for the BMC food pantry during the holiday season, taken part in the annual Rodman Ride bike race, and run in the Boston Marathon as part of organizational fundraising efforts. In addition, several residents have offered testimony during hearings at the State Capitol in support of child health initiatives.

Example of Resident Advocacy

Natalie Stavas and Dan Parry are passionate about fighting childhood obesity. They piloted a campaign across Massachusetts to decrease the consumption of sugar sweetened beverages and reduce obesity. They rallied pediatricians to support House Bill 1697, which strives to revoke the sales tax exception that currently exists for soda in Massachusetts. In addition, they led the distribution of "No Sugary Drinks" prescriptions pads to physicians across the state. Their efforts have received media coverage from the Boston Globe and the recognition of many policymakers in the Commonwealth.