Benefiting the Community

The BCRP is actively engaged in the Boston community and committed to providing outstanding care to Boston's children. Both institutions are located near large urban areas with many families living at or below the poverty level. In many ways our institutions become community hospitals for residents from Roxbury, Dorchester and Mission Hill. The majority of children who live in Boston receive their primary health care from one of our institutions. Boston Medical Center is the largest provider of uncompensated care (Free Care) in Massachusetts and Children's Hospital's Primary Care Center (CHPCC) is the largest provider of pediatric primary care to children in the city, with 11,000 patients, 65% from inner city neighborhoods. In addition to serving Boston’s urban population in the BCRP’s hospitals and clinics, residents receive additional training and immersive community experiences in the Keystone quarter as part of the Advocacy, Adolescent Medicine, and Child Development curricula.

Residents often organize and participate in other community efforts including supporting local organizations like Girls on the Run and Best Buddies, joining with pediatric residents from other programs in the state for the Residents and Fellows Day at the State House, as well as engaging in fundraising efforts by cycling in the annual Rodman Ride, running in the Boston Marathon, and raising money for various community organizations throughout the year.

Examples of Recent Resident Advocacy

  • Founded the “CIR Center for Social Determinants of Health” at Boston Medical Center, a resident-led, interdisciplinary group of providers whose shared mission is to address disparities in healthcare by improving awareness of the social determinants of health.
  • Founded “StreetCred”, a first-of-its-kind program to help parents of pediatric patients at Boston Medical Center file their taxes and receive tax credits to improve their financial stability and reduce the effects of child poverty on health.
  • Founded the Advocacy through Policy residency group to partner with the Boston Children’s Hospital Office of Government Affairs in advocating for policies to benefit child health.
  • Worked with the Center of Medicaid and Medicare Services on health policy issues at a federal level.
  • Received a Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Grant to improve primary care for immigrant patients.
  • Received the Whitetulip Health Foundation Award for contributions to humanity as part of the interdisciplinary advocacy group “Clinicians for Healthy Families”.
  • Received a Picker Gold Challenge Grant to support the development of patient care initiatives and best practices for “Improving Family-Centered Care for Substance Exposed Newborns and their Mothers”.
  • Received a Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) Grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics to support urban families around the impact of community gun violence.
  • Designed and implemented a quality improvement project on the BMC pediatric service to facilitate family centered rounds for families whose primary language is not English.
  • Multiple residents have published articles in medical journals and public news sources on poverty and health, health disparities, and advocacy training.
  • Presented a workshop on advocacy training in residency at a national meeting, in collaboration with several other residency programs.
  • Received an International Elective Grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics to support work on sickle cell disease in Ghana.
  • Offered testimony during hearings at the State Capitol in support of child health initiatives.