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Dock is a HIPAA compliant, team-based task management platform for collaborating, organizing and delegating clinical tasks.

Project Overview

Through relentlessly thoughtful design, Dock is creating the clinical hub for highly reliable care and productive teamwork. Dock improves communication and transparency within the clinical team by creating visibility to the flow of tasks and enabling real-time communication and awareness of all the work to be done to improve patient care. And that’s just the beginning…

Healthcare Context

Clinicians are drowning in email and EMR messages and losing track of tasks scribbled on Post-It Notes. Medical teams are scattered, making it difficult to work efficiently together. There is simply no safe place for all the to-do's of healthcare to live, be prioritized and shared. Furthermore, there is no transparency to the flow of these tasks and closing the loop is a rare event. 

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    Michael Docktor

    Michael Docktor

    Clinical Director

    Keather Roemhildt

    User Experience Design