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Pediatric Device Consortia Grant

What is the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium? 

The Boston Pediatric Device Consortium (BPDC) is an FDA-funded initiative cultivating innovation through pediatric medical devices. The BPDC seeks to address unmet needs in pediatric health care by accelerating the pace of pediatric device innovation. Simply, the BPDC brings pediatric health care devices to market.

In order to address the complexities of developing, testing and commercializing pediatric devices, the BPDC provides expertise and resources needed by device developers at each step along the pathway of novel pediatric device commercialization and operationalization.

Specifically, the BPDC is a collaborative of experts in engineering, clinical sciences, device commercialization, and industry partners.  Through the provision of seed-grant funding, consultation and coaching, networking and mentoring, the consortia works to tap a vast network of leading national experts to support innovators as they develop and evaluate novel therapies for children.

Who can benefit from the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium?

The BPDC is an innovation program open to innovators from all medical specialties, and clinical or research backgrounds. Applicants based in the United States are eligible to apply to the BPDC only if device innovations classify as pediatric medical devices in accordance with section 201(h) of the Federal Food Drug & Cosmetic Act.

How can innovators benefit from the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium?

The BPDC addresses the complexities of developing, testing and commercializing pediatric medical devices through the aggregation of a vast network of leading medical device development and commercialization experts. The BPDC network is dedicated to supporting innovators through the development, evaluation, and commercialization of novel pediatric devices. 

Device innovators will receive expert guidance from leaders in engineering, clinical sciences, and device commercialization, as well as industry partners. Device innovators will receive support through funding, up to $25,000 with the potential for milestone dependent follow-on funding, access to expertise in developing pediatric medical devices, and consultation, coaching, and networking with a dedicated team supporting project management, business strategy, pilot design, and product development.

How can innovators apply to the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium?

Innovators can apply to the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium through the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Applications submitted through the Accelerator Grant application will be reviewed and vetted by leading clinical, business development, and technical experts.


Interested in learning more about the Boston Pediatric Device Consortium?

Pediatric device innovators should click here to contact the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator.

Clinical and administrative leaders of the BPDC include:

  • Pedro del Nido, MD, Chairman of the Department of Cardiac Surgery and William E. Ladd Professor of Child Surgery
  • Carla E. Small, Senior Director of Innovation, Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator