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Clinical Decision Support Innovation Challenge

Did you know that all the data and observations from your daily clinical decision making can be embedded into tools that support clinical decision making beyond Boston Children’s?

The Clinical Decision Support Innovation Challenge is an open call for Clinical Decision Support (CDS) ideas with the potential to support clinical decision making through the development of new knowledge bases and technologies.

We’re looking for great ideas to co-develop with you! The CDS Innovation Challenge is open for applications!

Clinical Decision Support

Our goal

We’re looking to identify impactful CDS ideas. Our digital health R&D team will support their development, and our business development and clinical advisors will help pilot these cutting-edge tools in a clinical environment. Then, our team will help find the right partner to take your idea to market and scale it to providers everywhere.

Winner's receive:

  • Funding of up to $50,000 in direct costs
  • R&D software development support
  • Partner sourcing for commercial opportunities

Our expertise

Imaging: Boston Children’s Hospital recently partnered with GE to help doctors everywhere interpret pediatric brain images faster and more accurately by downloading BCH expertise into decision support software distributed by GE. Read more.

Knowledge: Amazon Alexa supports parents with sick kids, providing educational information on common pediatric symptoms and guidance for at-home treatment through the KidsMD healthcare skill for Alexa. Read more.

Data: Boston Children’s Hospital is using concepts of augmented intelligence in the PICU to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs by analyzing millions of real-time ventilator and clinical data points and applying learnings from outcomes of past patients.

Entering the challenge

All Boston Children’s Hospital employees are eligible to apply. Submit your idea or project proposal by April 28, 2017.


Deadline: April 28th, 2017


Don’t delay your application! We like to meet with innovators prior to our final review process.