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Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator

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Accelerator Grant Program

Program overview

Now in its second year, The Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator (IDHA) is excited to announce the 2017 Accelerator Grant Program for Boston Children’s Hospital employees with health technology innovations (i.e. digital health and devices).

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This unique program provides extensive support to a select number of Accelerated projects, including:
  • Funding up to $25,000 with the potential for milestone dependent follow-on funding
  • Access to expertise in developing digital health applications and tools
  • Software development resources: web/mobile apps, clinical processes, patient engagement, personal health tools, care coordination, administrative tools, EMR-based tools, big data, clinical decision support, FHIR
  • A dedicated team supporting project management, business strategy, pilot design, product development

Submission deadline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. After applying, you’ll be contacted within one week to discuss next steps for your application. In 2016, we met with over two-thirds of applicants via an Opportunity SPRINT session. These 90-minute meetings allow us to source the technical, business, innovation, and subject matter expertise needed to evaluate and support your innovation. As a result of this meeting, innovators will be provided with a lean business canvas and light analysis meant to support projects regardless of whether they win a grant award.

Who can apply?

All Boston Children’s Hospital employees with a health technology innovation (i.e. digital health and devicesare encouraged to apply.

2016 Accelerated projects


  • This program is designed to support health technologies:
    • Most digital health ideas are eligible (e.g. software/HCIT, care process enhancements, digital technology diagnostic tools)
    • Early stage medical device technologies are also eligible
    • This program will not fund basic or translational research, molecule, or therapeutic projects
    • You are willing to engage with the accelerator model and hope to leverage our people and resources to develop and launch your solution
    • Idea submissions may range from early-stage ideas or concepts to fully formed projects. We’re looking for great ideas that lead to impactful solutions.
    • Ideas should have a significant impact on the patient experience, care delivery, and/or clinical outcomes.
    • Ideas should be novel and not have commercially available alternatives, or the idea must be a significant improvement or disruption of currently available technologies.

Ready to apply?

Apply!  | Download Program Overview


If you have any questions regarding the grant program or your application, please contact us.