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Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator


Strategy & Digital Health Advisor

Carl Brinton

Carl is Strategy and Digital Health Advisor at Boston Children’s Hospital Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator. Carl accelerates enterprise-wide and start-up projects, bringing a business lens to the project vetting and development process. With a background in team formation and leadership, management consulting, and data analytics, Carl enjoys working with clinical, tech, and business experts across the spectrum on everything from large multi-year strategic initiatives to 90-minute innovation sprints and hackathons.

In his previous role, Carl was co-founder and CFO of a healthcare IT company that boosts medication adherence through data-driven personalized interventions and Senior Fellow at the Center for Healthcare Delivery Sciences at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He also has experience in randomized-controlled trials, algorithmic investment, anthropological research, and design thinking. Carl has published in the fields of economics, education, and political science, with a forthcoming book on Chinese governance from Cambridge University Press and a gender studies law named after him.

Favorite Innovation

Experimentation, 17th Century

Works on

Enterprise digital health solutions, Strategic partnerships, Commercialization, Innovation sprints, IDHA team Spotify playlist


Digital health, All things policy, All things quant, Science, Getting stuff done, Storytelling, Sledding with my kids