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Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator
Are you a physician trying to improve patient communication? A patient who wants to make the system easier to navigate for others? An insurer trying to make medical bills more understandable? A technologist developing an application for better management of a disease?

No matter where you sit in the health care system, your experience has deep value in a human-centered design model. Never heard of human-centered design? Want to advance your skill set, and expand your network of health care professionals engaged in human-centered design?

Event Details

“Co-Designing for Better Health,” at athenahealth on Thursday, March 2nd, will enable participants to learn how to co-design better experiences for all involved in consuming and delivering health care.

Olin College is bringing together industry leaders, including athenahealth, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, MadPow and the Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital for the event.


Speakers: Leaders in technology, design, and healthcare will start the day with inspirational stories from their front-line experiences across industries. speakers include:

  • Sara Hendren, Assistant Professor of Design, Olin College of Engineering
  • Kim Goodwin, VP of Product & User Experience, PatientsLikeMe
  • Michael Docktor, MD, Instructor in Pediatrics, GI-Nutrition and Clinical Director, Innovation & Digital Health Accelerator, Boston Children's Hospital

Co-Design 101: Olin-trained facilitators will lead a Co-Design 101 session for participants. Olin facilitators will guide participants through the tenets of the co-design process.

Co-Design in action: Participants will spend the afternoon working together, in small teams, to design for real health care problems. This portion of the session will provide participants with actionable takeaways for applying co-design in their own organizations, while connecting with potential collaborators, designers, and influencers of the future of health care.

Critical Reflection: Participants will utilize the final 30 minutes of the event to reflect on their experiences and learnings, as well as their vision for a better healthcare system through co-design.


The current system of health care can be vastly improved by enabling healthcare professionals to learn how to catalyze change through co-design. Co-design isn’t difficult, either. In fact, it’s easy to get started. Co-Designing for Better Health will enable participants to:

  • Identify and frame problems and opportunities for co-design
  • Assemble the right team for co-design, while creating a productive experience with tangible products, services, prototypes, experiments, and next steps
  • Practice co-design with real people and problems
  • Leave with a plan, and the confidence necessary, to put co-design to work immediately


Participants can register for the “Co-Designing for Better Health” through the Olin College of Engineering portal.