Urodynamics | Billing And Insurance

Billing and insurance: What you need to know

  • Before your appointment, please contact your child’s referring doctor and/or your insurance company to make sure you have gone through all the necessary steps to obtain a referral or preapproval for Urodynamics at Boston Children's. 

  • Unless the doctor who will be attending your Urodynamics appointment is a urologist who is already treating your child, you will need to call your insurance company and obtain a separate referral for that doctor (as well as a referral to Boston Children's Urodynamics in general).

    • You can call Urodynamics at 617-355-6171 if you are not sure who the attending physician will be on the day of your child’s visit.

    • Your insurance company will receive two bills, one from Boston Children's and one from the office of the particular doctor at your child's appointment. 

  • If you have billing questions, please contact the hospital's Outpatient Billing service at 617-355-7123.

  • Please be sure to bring your insurance card to your child’s appointment.