Tethered Spinal Cord Program | Meet our Team

When a child is diagnosed with tethered spinal cord syndrome, the entire family begins a difficult journey. Patients and parents depend upon the expertise and compassionate, family-focused approach of their caregivers to help guide them through surgery and its aftermath.

Our Tethered Spinal Cord Program includes some of the world’s best surgeons, neuroscience nurses, imaging specialists and other healthcare professionals. Our strength in all of the related sub-specialties ensures that we are ready to address every aspect of your child’s care, from diagnostic testing and surgery to aftercare and long-term support.

Mark Proctor MD

Mark Proctor, MD

Neurosurgeon-in-Chief; Director, Brain Injury Center, Professor, Harvard Medical School
Joseph Madsen

Joseph Madsen, MD

Director, Epilepsy Surgery; Associate in Neurosurgery, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Edward Robert Smith, MD

Edward Robert Smith, MD

Director, Pediatric Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery; Co-Director, Cerebrovascular Surgery and Interventions Center; Co-Director, Head, Neck and Skull Base Surgery Program; Associate in Neurosurgery; R. Michael Scott Chair in Neurosurgery, Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
Scellig Stone MD

Scellig S. D. Stone, MD, PhD, FRCSC

Director, Movement Disorders and Deep Brain Stimulation Program; Associate in Neurosurgery; Co-Director of the Cerebral Palsy Program, Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School