Department of Medicine | Administrative Leadership

Department Leadership and Administration

Gary R. Fleisher, MD, Physician-in-Chief, Pediatrician-in-Chief, and Chair

William Tarvainen, Chief Operating Officer

Frederick H. Lovejoy, Jr, MD, Associate Physician-in-Chief and Deputy Chair

Alan Leichtner, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

Theodore C. Sectish, MD, Vice Chair for Education

Vincent W. Chiang, MD, Vice Chair for Finance

Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD, Vice Chair for Health Policy

Jonathan A. Finkelstein, MD, MPH, Vice Chair for Quality & Outcomes

Samuel E. Lux, IV, MD, Vice Chair for Research

Melissa Martin, Department Director

Greg Beaumier, Controller

Cheryl Fix, Director, Compliance

Niv Sampath, Manager, Decision Support Systems

Division Leadership and Administration

Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine 

Division Chief: S. Jean Emans, MD
Division Manager: Adrianne Goncalves
Practice Administrator: Greg Fredo

Developmental Medicine

Division Chief: Leonard Rappaport, MD
Division Manager: Sandra Maislen
Practice Administrator: Thomas Kelly

Emergency Medicine

Division Chief: Richard G. Bachur, MD
Division Manager: Virginia Hinrichsen


Division Chief: Joseph A. Majzoub, MD
Division Manager: Rosanne Walcott
Practice Administrator: Pedro Millet

Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Division Chief: Wayne I. Lencer, MD
Division Manager: Anna Spivak
Practice Administrator: Cheryl Biederman

General Pediatrics

Division Chief: Mark A. Schuster, MD, PhD
Division Manager: Celina Chalifoux
Practice Administrator: Bob Flynn

Genetics and Genomics

Division Chief: Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD
Division Manager: Alexander Schwarzer
Practice Administrator: Greg Fredo


Division Chief: David A. Williams, MD
Program Manager: Maria Suarez
Practice Administrator: Luis Alvernaz


Division Chief: Raif S. Geha, MD
Division Manager: Sayde El-Hachem
Practice Administrator: Luis Alvernaz

Infectious Diseases

Division Chief: Michael Wessels, MD
Division Manager: Nora Boyle
Practice Administrator: Greg Fredo

Medicine Critical Care

Division Chief: Michael S.D. Agus, MD
Division Manager: Jamin Alexander

Molecular Medicine

Division Chief: Stephen C. Harrison, PhD
Division Manager: Karen Lee

Neonatology (Newborn Medicine)

Division Chief: Stella Kourembanas, MD
Division Manager: Sarah Austin
Practice Administrator: Thomas Kelly


Division Chief: Friedhelm Hildebrandt, MD
Division Manager: Arifa Kapadia

Pulmonary Medicine

Division Chief: Craig J. Gerard, MD, PhD
Division Manager: Margaret Phillips
Practice Administrator: Simona Rits