Enteral Tube Program

The Enteral Tube Program at Boston Children’s Hospital includes doctors and nurses with expertise in many specialties including but not limited to gastroenterology, nutrition, radiology and surgery. All together, our team has some of the best clinicians in the country when it comes to helping families manage pediatric enteral tubes.


To provide the highest quality family centered health care to children with enteral tubes in an academic environment. To collaborate with others in our community to educate and support the needs of our pediatric enteral tube patient population and caregivers

For more information about our enteral tube services, please call 617-355-6058. 


Enteral tubes, also called “feeding tubes,” provide way a to allow children of all ages who are unable to eat enough by mouth, to safely receive the nutrition they need to grow. Enteral tubes can also help children receive critical medications that they are unable to swallow. See how the Enteral Tube Program is leading the way with its family centered approach to care of children with enteral tubes. 


In the Enteral Tube Program, our doctors and nurses seek opportunities to improve care. This approach, which we call “clinical innovations,” often requires us to review patient outcomes, develop entirely new tools or come up with inventive strategies. This creative form of innovation is the path by which many major improvements have been made. 


There are a variety of different types of enteral tubes for children, and picking the best type of tube can depend upon many factors, including your child’s condition and individual needs. Whatever type of enteral tube your child has, knowing what to expect at the time that it is inserted, and gaining an education in how to care for your child and their tube afterwards are the keys to feeling comfortable and using it successfully. READ MORE 


The Enteral Tube Program's approach to community outreach has been to develop innovative approaches to patient and caregiver education. This keeps with the Program's mission to enhance the health and well-being of children requiring enteral tubes.